Workday’s Physical Locations for Business Asset Tracking

Workday creates physical locations for new companies, such as those in New York and Chicago, to track business assets and physical workspaces. These locations are logical entities for the actual physical workspaces or buildings and are used to default certain data values like date formats, time zones, and currencies.


Working hours in Workday perspective

When hiring workers into a location, it must have a usage type as a business site. This includes setting the time profile, which determines the expected Workday work hours per week for a full-time employee.

For example, in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, the typical Workday work hours are 40 hours.

In some countries, the time profile may be different, such as France at 35 hours, Australia at 38 hours, or some countries at 45 hours.

By defining the usage type and usage of a location, Workday helps ensure that employees are working in the most suitable location for their needs.

Location Hierarchy Workday vs Workday Supervisory Organization Hierarchy in Hiring

A location hierarchy object is used instead of a Workday supervisory organization hierarchy, but it can roll up to another location.

When hiring a worker, it is mandatory to associate a location with that worker. Contract workers and part-time workers are the same, and the location attribute for an employee is the same.

 Validating Workday locations in the Workday

For US locations, Workday will validate the zip code and provide physical addresses, phone numbers, emails, and web addresses for the work location. The address should be realistic and not too accurate.

For US locations, Workday will validate the zip code and provide a summary of the process for creating a location.

Setting up a Business Location’s Contact Information with the help of Workday

The Workday manual describes the process of creating a business location’s primary address, email, and phone number. The primary address is used for billing, invoices, and shipping. The visibility is public, and the location may have a specific email associated with it.

The phone number is also required, and it must have the local area code. The phone number must be valid for the region and the state.

The location’s primary phone number is the phone number, and the device is a telephone. The time profile is the Workday student hours, and the standard hours are 40. The business site tab is used to configure the location’s usage, and the time profile is the standard hours Workday for employees.

The location’s location may also have a phone number for the front desk. The document also discusses the importance of a valid phone number for the location and the need for a valid phone number for the specific state and geographical area.



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