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Workday Revenue provides businesses with real-time insight into their financial performance through forecasting, reporting and budgeting tools. Users of Workday Revenue may go further into the data to understand which factors drive their company.

Anyone interested in workingday revenue is welcome to learn more, though those with accounting and finance expertise might find the experience particularly insightful. Visit workdaytrainings to take part in one of their weekly training sessions for further instruction if this topic interests you!

Workday offers several certifications that may prove valuable when trying to become Workday certified; Core Connections, Financial Management and Human Capital Management certification courses could prove particularly effective. In addition, experts in Workday deployment who collaborate with consultants or service providers often give certification courses themselves.

Course Content

  • Core Concepts and Navigation
  • Tenant- Landing Page
  • Basic Navigation
  • Functional Area
  • Workday User, Proxy- Start proxy
  • Reorganization
  • Organization types
  • Organization- company, cost center, company hierarchy and cost center hierarchy
  • Worktags- concept, delivered and custom worktags, worktag usage and related worktags
  • Fiscal Schedule
  • Account Set
  • Account Control Rule Set
  • Accounting Posting Rule Set
  • Account Translation Rule Set
  • Journal Reversal Option
  • Company Accounting Details
  • Create Ledger
  • Ledger Period
  • Custom Validation
  • Currency Setup
  • Functional Areas
  • Domain Security Policies for Functional Area
  • Business Process Security Policies for Functional Area
  • Create/Edit/View Security Group
  • Edit/View Business Process
  • Copy Business Process for the Organization
  • Customer setup- Worktags, Customer categories and Customer group
  • Create/Edit Customer
  • Custom Fields for customer Information
  • Custom Validation
  • Accounting posting rule for Customer
  • Sales Item
  • Revenue Categories
  • Setup Taxes
  • Customer Contracts
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Create Customer Invoices
  • Create Customer Invoice Adjustment
  • Cancel Customer Invoice
  • Invoice sequencing generator Rule and another setup Write Off
  • Credit and Rebill
  • Customer Invoice in Dispute
  • Consolidated Customer Invoice
  • Account Posting Rules for customer Payments
  • Record customer payment Overpayment
  • Apply Customer Payment
  • Reapply an unapplied customer Payment
  • Cancel Customer Payment
  • Auto Apply customer payment
  • Customer Refunds, Cash Sales
  • Banking Setup –> Create Financial Institution, Create Bank Account
  • Bank Routing Rule –> Create Bank Routing Rule, Account setup for Bank Routing rule,
  • Ad hoc Payment –> Create and Manage Ad hoc payment, Bank Transfer
  • Bank Account Reconciliation –> Manual and Automatic Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Create EIB
  • Populate data in the template
  • Load EIB
  • EIBs: Customer Invoice, Customer and Account Set
  • Template downloads with data
  • Business Object Details
  • Data Sources
  • Financial Metrics
  • Workday Standard Reports
  • Copy Workday Standard Reports
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Calculated Fields
  • Simple reports
  • Advanced Reports
  • Matrix reports
  • Composite reports

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