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Course Content


2.Goals & Objectives


4.Overview and Introduction

5.Where to Begin – Planning & Approach

6.Delivered Reports

a.Run & Copy a Standard Report

7.Report Writer Terminology & Concepts

8.Business Objects, Fields & Instances

9.Report Data Sources

10.Report Writer “Top 10”

11.Steps to Create a Report

12.Report Types

13.Selecting a Data Source

14.Temporary Reports

15.Report Writer Navigation

a.Create Custom Report (Type=Simple)

b.Change the Data Source on the Report

16.Report Output vs. Report Definition

17.Class Report Fields

18.Object Relationships

19.Reporting Resources                                            


20.Sorting and Filtering Report Fields

a.Add a Filter and Sort to the Report

21.Simple vs. Advanced Report Types


22.Advanced Filtering Options and Prompts

a.Change to Advanced Report Type and configure Filters that prompt user

23.Accessing Fields from Related Business Objects

24.Sorting and Filtering on Related Business Object Fields

a.Working with Related Business Objects

b.Contextual Reporting

c.Contextual Reporting

25.Subtotaling, Grouping & Outlining Reports

26.Subtotals & Grand Totals

a.Configure Subtotals and Grand Totals

27.Grouping & Outlining

a.Group, Total, Outline the Employee Audit Report

28.Data Source Security & Report Field Security

29.Sharing Reports

a.Modify Share

b.Modify Data Source

30.Locating Custom Reports

a.Add Custom Reports to Menus and as related actions

b.Add Report Tags to Custom Reports

c.Track Custom                                            

31.Schedule and Share Output of Report

a.Scheduling Reports

32.Other Report Configuration Options

33.Report Run History

34.Maintain Excel Template

35.Transfer Ownership

36.Translating Custom Reports


38.Manage Layouts & View URLs

39.Introduction to Custom Analytics – Matrix Reporting

40.Matrix Reporting – Viewing a Matrix Report

a.Create Matrix Report

41.Additional Resources

42.Test Report Performance

43.Where to go from here

44.Appendix A – Report management Security domains

45.Appendix B – Report Performance General Guidelines

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