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Workday Absence Management refers to the practice of monitoring and controlling employee absences such as vacation leave, sick days and any other types of leave that employees might take during an work day, such as sick leave. This concept encompasses vacation, sick or other forms of personal leave as examples of this concept.

You may submit an absence request through Workday in order to take time away from your work for bereavement leave, jury duty service, vacation/holidays or any other valid purpose.

A TOPSW refers to work that must be accomplished outside regular working hours by employees outside their regular shift, typically for duties such as attending meetings and trainings that cannot be accomplished during normal hours e.g. meeting cancellation or attending trainings sessions that cannot take place during regular shift hours (example).

No. Unfortunately Workday does not currently provide unlimited PTO.

To access your leave balance on Workday, log onto your Workday account if it’s currently subscribed by you and accessing “Leaves – Manage Account”.

Course Content

  • Overview
  • Time Off vs Leave Of Absence
  • Practical Activities
  • Time Off Plans
  • Time Off Components
    • Explore an Accrual Definition
    • Explore a Time Off Definition
    • Explore a Balance Period Definition
    • Explore a Period Schedule Definition
  • Time Off Plans
    • Explore a Time Off Definition
    • Create a Basic Time Off Plan
    • Modify Time Off Plan to Track Balances
  • Time Off Limits
    • Define Carryover Limits and Upper Limits
    • Define Lower Limits
  • Accrual Frequency Method
    • Modify the Accrual Frequency Method
    • Accrual and Time Off Priorities
  • Validations
    • Define Validation Rules
  • Practical Activities
  • What is calculation?
  • Types of calculations
    • Conditional Calculation
    • Lookup Calculation
    • Logic Calculation.etc
    • Proration
  • Eligibility and Scheduling Criteria
    • Add Eligibility Criteria
    • Add Waiting Period
  • Overview
  • Leave of Absence Types
  • Leave Type Components
    • Explore a Leave Type
    • Basic Leave Type
    • Modify leave type to track balances
  • Eligibility and Validation Rules
    • Define Eligibility and Validation Rules
    • Leave Type Security Segment
  • Supporting Data
    • Define Supporting Data
  • Coordinated Leaves and Time Off
  • Absence Type Grouping
  • Practical Activities
  • Manage Time Off
    • Adjust Accrual
    • Suspend limits and Adjust Accruals
    • Override Plan Balances and Carryover Limits
    • Correct Time off
  • Manage Leave off Absence
    • Correct a Leave Request
    • Return Employee from Leave
  • Practical Activities
  • Time Off Business Process
    • Explore the Time Off BP’s
    • Transfer/ Payout Time Off Plan Balances During a Job change
  • Leave Off Absence Business Processes
    • E Explore The Leave of Absence BP’s
  • Practical Activities
  • Time Off Reports
  • MSS and ESS Reporting
  • Leave Of Absence Reports
  • Practical Activities

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