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Yes, we have provided a Demo video section on each course page so that you can get a glimpse into the course you want to enroll.

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Course Content

Project Explorer
Cloud Explorer
Activity 1.1 – Connecting To The Cloud
Working Area
Viewing Area
Deploy Studio Code
How To Import Source Code From The Cloud Explorer
Terminology Used In Studio And Workday

Workday-In Transport
Connecting Components
Synchronous And Asynchronous Mediation Components
Write Step
Activity 1.2 – Create A Studio Build With An Input And Log The Contents
Csv To Xml
Activity 1.3 – Add A Csv To Xml Component To The Csv File
Local-Out And Local-In
Activity 1.4 – Add A Local – Out And Local – In
Activity 1.5 – Adding A Splitter
Copy Step
Activity 1.6 –Storing The Input File On The Integration Event
Put Integration Message
Activity 1.7 –Adding An Integration Message
Mvel Functions
To Look For A Specific Category By Type
String Buffer
Validate Expression
Route Component
Master Activity – Generate Two Output Files, Each For Marks
Above 70% As Success And Below As Failed.

Report As A Service (Raas)
Activity 2.1 – Creating A Custom Report
Activity 2.2 – Adding The Raas Rest Call To Studio
Workday-Out-Rest Transport
Steps To Identify The Extra Path Of A Report
Activity 2.3 – Use A Splitter To Split The Report Output
Activity 2.4 – Access Values Using Props
Xslt Step
Activity 2.5 – Using Xslt In Studio
Activity 2.6 – Using Param Variables In Xslt

Activity 2.7 – Use An Aggregator To Merge The Files

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