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Prism Analytics is a cloud-based data analysis tool, offering businesses insight into how their operations are faring. Users may collaborate on data analysis as they create reports and dashboards shared among team members for monitoring purposes.

Workday prism does not offer fixed pricing since its prices depend on each business’s specific needs and requirements. Businesses may try out Workday free before making their purchasing decision.

Workday data refers to any collection of different forms of information used within Workday applications such as employee time-and-attendance records, project management details or financial statistics. These examples all fall within its purview as Workday applications utilize this kind of data in various forms for their functions.

Course Content

• Concept: Datasets
• Concept: Dataset Workspace
• Concept: Dataset Schemas
• Concept: Dataset Schema Changes
• Concept: Publishing Datasets
• Concept: Dataset Pipelines
• Concept: Dataset Stages
• Concept: Dataset Field Types
• Concept: NULL Values in Datasets
• Concept: Prism Calculated Fields
• Concept: Hiding Dataset Fields

Learning the components of a Merit Plan
Creating a compensation review statement.
Step by step process of configuring impacted employees and configuring a merit pool
Creating a task of process compensation awards for employees
Evaluate the coordination of events for the compensation review process
Performing a rollout for a merit plan for eligible candidates

• Steps: Create a Dataset with External Data (SFTP Server)
• Steps: Create a Dataset with External Data (Upload a File)
• Steps: Create a Dataset Using Workday Data
• Steps: Create a Derived Dataset
• Import a Dataset into a Derived Dataset
• Upload a New File to a Dataset

• Set Up Dataset Sharing
• Share a Dataset with Others

• Publish a Dataset as a Prism Data Source Manually
• Define a Schedule for Publishing a Dataset

• Steps: Create a Discovery Board
• Steps: Create a Visualization
• Data Discovery Concepts
• Modifying Visualizations
• Filtering and Sorting Data in Visualizations

• Worksheets Setup
• Download All Comment Data
• Edit, Delete, or Purge Workbook Comments by Other Users
• Concept: Managing Workbooks
• Concept: Creating Reports to Insert into Workbooks
• Concept: Array Formulas in Workbooks
• Concept: Editing Workbooks
• Concept: Automatic and Manual Calculation in Workbook Formulas
• Concept: Data Analysis with Worksheets Functions

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