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Yes, Workday provides an effective performance management system

Organizations can efficiently manage talent development with Workday Talent and Performance’s cloud-based application, enabling top talents to be easily identified and developed with its centralised view of personnel data. In addition, its features for reviewing performance as well as keeping an eye on goals and objectives enable organizations to stay organized when managing talent development within an organisation.

In the workplace, talent pools refers to groups of qualified individuals that can fill an open position within an organisation. Internal talent pools consist of existing workers while external talent pools contain individuals not currently associated with your organisation.

Managers and staff members alike can utilize Workday Talent Profile for accessing individual talents, experiences, and performance ratings in one convenient place – providing managers with essential data they can use when hiring or making career decisions.

Talent optimisation refers to the process of recruiting, training and retaining only top employees for any organisation. In Workday this involves devising an evaluation system which measures employee abilities and potential evaluation as well as opportunities for personal and career advancement and succession plans while engaging workers directly within their jobs.

Course Content

  • Talent Management Overview
  • Talent Attributes
  • Competencies
  • Career Development
  • Populating Worker Talent Data
  • Talent Calibration
  • Using Talent Data
  • Feedback
  • Talent Overview
  • Competencies
  • Talent Reviews
  • Calibration
  • Succession Planning
  • Touch Points
  • Competency Basics
  • Set Up and Create Competencies
  • Set Expected Competency Levels
  • Updating Competencies
  • Comparing Competencies
  • Generating a Talent Card
  • Performance Management Overview
  • Goal Management
  • Feedback
  • Competencies
  • Employee Review Overview
  • Employee Review Configuration
  • Employee Review Transactions
  • Performance Calibration
  • Performance Reporting
  • Configure succession values.
  • Assess a worker’s potential.
  • Complete a talent review.
  • Create and manage succession plans.

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